Tactics for getting your person out of bed:

  1. Look irresistibly cute

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That insane moment when you’re going through old playbills and your dad pulls out one from the original production of Rent because he saw the original cast and causally forgot to tell you for the last nineteen years….

This is fucking awesome

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"no homo" the teenage boy whispers as he pulls away from kissing his friend. he gently strokes the other males face "full bi" he adds in a sensuous tone.

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This just in: Contrary to popular belief, “AU” does not mean “Stupid excuse to be OOC”

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oh my god i feel u man like for yeaaaaars i’ve wanted to read a YA queer book that was just like. ur typical romcom type book. where are those books man why do we have to fight so hard for these things

i was literally just in the shower like ‘goddamn i just wanna read some queer fiction!!!’ and like, nothing against queer fiction that deals with coming out or heartbreak or angsty shit but that’s not what i want!!! i want a version of like, percy jackson but nico is the main character. i want harry potter but harry is bi and dates a boy after he and cho don’t work out. i want a dumb vampire series with queer ladies and men and other genders bc WHY NOT??? I WANT QUEER YA FICTION THAT ACTUALLY LIVES UP TO THE YA FICTION PART BUT STILL WILL REPRESENT ME. 

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things that are cute:

  • when girls put their hair up in messy buns and there are a bunch of stray hairs hanging around their face/back of their neck
  • when girls wear beanies
  • when girls wear backwards baseball caps
  • when girls do literally anything ever
  • girls

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i spent all day playing animal crossing :)

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I cannot express how hilarious and adorable this was to me. [X]

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